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Here at Inside Fabric, you'll find the largest collection of  upholstery fabrics anywhere! With over 75,000 patterns and 150,000 colorways, everything you'll need for your upholstery is right here.
We carry fabrics such as chenille, wool, linens, silk, mohair, velvet and many more... Ranging from the most basic for everyday 's use such as solid chenille to the most exquisite patterns for your showcase pieces, we promise you'll find something you'll like.

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B3496 Stone by Greenhouse
Our Price: $41.93
DW61177-231 Apricot by Duralee
Our Price: $47.95
6677402 Jupho Dawn by Fabricut
Our Price: $51.20
15722-360 Steel by Duralee
Our Price: $69.30
15724-9 Red by Duralee
Our Price: $60.55
B3395 Ming Red by Greenhouse
Our Price: $48.93
DF15778-193 Indigo by Duralee
Our Price: $61.25
CHIMP 39J7091 by JF Fabrics
Our Price: $59.92
DK61160-113 Brick by Duralee
Our Price: $28.00
DW61165-258 Mustard by Duralee
Our Price: $58.80
COMBAT 92J7081 by JF Fabrics
Our Price: $53.92
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