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LWP62709W Crayford Paisley Malachite by Ralph Lauren

Malachite Wallcovering

This item is discontinued
and is no longer available.

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per Roll
(minimum 2)
This wallpaper is priced per single roll but is packaged as long double rolls. Please order in multiples of two rolls (2, 4, 6, etc.).

This means that if you order 2 single rolls, you will receive 1 long double roll, since it is packaged as two single rolls per double roll. If you order 4, you will receive 2 double rolls, if you order 8 you will receive 4 double rolls, etc.


Product Type Wallcovering
Manufacturer Ralph Lauren Fabric
Item NumberLWP62709W
Pattern NameCrayford Paisley
Pattern Number4330
Color NameMalachite
Order Info5.5 Yard Single Roll Half Drop Match
BookHaberdashery WP
Width20 inches
Unit Of MeasureRoll
Horizontal Repeat5.1 inches
Vertical Repeat10.25 inches
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Dimensions20 in. x 16.5 ft.
Coverage27.5 square feet per single roll

Limit 20 swatches per order. US addresses only.

Our swatch is a memo sample ranging from 4 " x 6" to 12" x 18" in size.  The sizes are cut randomly.  We are unable to order specific sizes.  If you need a large sample, we recommend ordering one whole yard.

Samples are not guaranteed for dye lot.  If you need to match a specific dye lot, please request a cut for approval with your fabric order.

All swatches are shipped by first class mail.  Please allow 7-10 days for transit time.  Swatches normally ship within 48-72 hours upon receipt of your order.  Occasionally, we might have back-orders, in which case we will advise you of the estimated ship time.

If you no longer need the sample, a return envelope is provided for your convenience.   This eliminates waste and saves the environment.  You are not obligated to return the sample.

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