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Suzanne Rheinstein Fabrics

“Living well everyday is much more important than getting your house together only for special occasions,” an undoubtedly true statement from an internationally recognized designer. Suzanne Rheinstein’s style is often described as elegant civility. She focuses on combining beautiful furniture, art, painted surfaces, and sincere attention to comfort, textures, and lighting. This New Orleans native has always had a deep passion for the traditions of her city. Many will classify her as a classic “southern belle” when it comes to her hospitality and style. Rheinstein is able to take pieces of her home town along with the sophisticated style of the east coast and the relaxing southern California area to create a style that makes her one of a kind in the design world.

Her first book, At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past, focuses on six of her stand-out interiors, including her houses in Los Angeles and New York City. Each of the projects is documented in extensive detail which helps designers achieve her outstanding aesthetic. Each home exemplifies her personal mantra; “every day is all there is.” The book is in its fifth printing and the Wall Street Journal named it a best seller.

Suzanne has created two collections of fabrics for Lee Jofa. Antique textiles from her personal collection inspire beautiful prints, weaves and embroideries. Refined silk, mohair, linen and cotton provide the perfect foundation for her fresh and understated interpretations of centuries-old designs.

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