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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see images online? 

Our product database includes the most popular fabric patterns along with their images. However, due to the sheer volume of fabric patterns available (currently there are over 250,000 patterns and colorways from our various vendors), our system might miss a few.  Our system works best if you know the vendor and the pattern that you want, and if you are looking for an online source for that pattern. 

Please also note that you can specify your order as a cut-for-approval (CFA), which means that we will send you a cutting of the fabric that has been reserved specifically for you. Once you approve the cutting, we will ship the order. While this delays your order a few days, it will ensure that you get the exact dye lot and fabric that you wanted. If you would like this option, please specify "CFA required" in the "comment" section of the check out page.  CFA is not available on wallpapers.

What are the units of measurement?

Our fabrics and trims are sold by the yard. Tassels and tie backs are sold by each. Wallpapers are sold by the roll, by panel or by the yard.  Please refer to the individual product page to see the applicable unit of measure of your pattern.

Is your fabric first quality?

Absolutely, we order fabric directly from the manufacturers and all fabric is first quality and authenticity is guaranteed.  We are an authorized dealer for all the brands listed on our web site.

Is fabric returnable?

All of our fabric is custom-ordered for you and we regret that we are unable to accept returns. We will accept returns due to manufacturer defects or shipping damages only. All returns require a return material authorization (RMA).  NO CLAIMS WILL BE ACCEPTED IF THE FABRIC IS CUT.

Can you get discontinued fabric?

Our vendors frequently discontinue fabrics either to make room for new products or if the mill no longer produces the pattern.

We regret that we can not offer discontinued fabrics. If you know a pattern is discontinued, your best bet is to choose an alternative.

What if I can't see the pattern I'm looking for?

If you can not locate the pattern needed, either it is discontinued or if the pattern is too new to be listed on your price list. In either case, please email us and we will be more than happy to assist you. We are unable to order discontinued pattern.

How do I order sample?

We offer memo samples/swatches for $7.00 each.  The Swatch Fee is a processing/handling fee and is non-refundable unless you do not receive your sample.  All samples are ordered online only.  Each fabric pattern will list a swatch option, where you can check out just like any other standard product.  Please note, maximum 20 samples per order.

Note:  samples are randomly cut and dye lots are not guaranteed. If you need to see the exact color of the fabric, we recommend ordering a cut for approval with your fabric order.  A sample comes from a random dye lot and its purpose is for you to determine if you want that particular design.

A CFA is for the purpose of matching colors. It comes from the specific dye lot that you will receive when you place an order and specifically request a CFA.

A return envelope is provided with our swatches for your convenience if you no longer need the sample.  This eliminates waste and saves the environment.  You are not obligated to return the sample. The memo fee is to cover our material, administrative and shipping cost.  It is not refundable.

Samples are not be available on outlet items, limited stock items and all AbbyShea, Pindler patterns.

What is a cut of approval?

A cut of approval (CFA) is an actual cutting of material of your order. This option is recommended if you need to match a particular dye lot or if you want to see exactly what you'll be receiving.  Dye lots can vary from shipment to shipment, for this reason, we cannot guarantee an exact match to your sample book.  If a color match is critical, we suggest you order a CFA. CFAs are only available on in stock items and require a five yard minimum order.

It is required that you place an actual order so that we can reserve the required quantity. Please put "CFA required" in the comment section of your order.

Once we receive your order, we will reserve the quantity and send you a cutting of the reserved material. We will only ship once you approve it. Your credit card only get charged if the order ships.

There is no charge for the cut for approval service. Note that it will delay the shipment of your order for a few days due to processing time.

CFA is not available on wallpapers.

When does my order ship?

Most stock orders ship within 24-48 hours after receipt of order. If an item is not in stock, we will advise you of the estimate ship date.

Memo samples are mailed by first class mail and will may take up to 7-10 days.

Your credit card will be charged when your order processed. For back-orders it is charged when the item it ready to ship unless it is a made to order/request item. All Pindler, Scalamandre & Maxwell items are due up front. In some cases other vendors requests full payment up front to bring an item in.   In case of standard back orders, we will perform an authorization on your credit card at time of order. The actual charge only applies when the order is ready to ship.

Do you collect sales tax?

We are headquartered in Nevada and are required to collect sales tax for all shipments to Nevada.  Currently the NV State base sales tax rate is 6.85%.

Cancellation & Return Policy


Our system is set up so orders ship as soon as possible. You may cancel the order if it has not shipped. Generally, it is recommended that you cancel the order ASAP as it often ships the same day.  Orders may ship sooner.   Once the order ships, it can not be returned for other reasons than manufacturer defect. For more information on our return policy, please refer to our return policy.  **Clarke & Clarke items cannot be cancelled once the order has been processed on our end. 

Occasionally, we might need to cancel your order for the following reasons:

  • Unauthorized credit card transaction
  • Item is no longer available or discontinued
  • Pricing discrepancy
  • If an order is cancelled, no charge will be applied to your credit card.

Return Policy

In order to keep our prices low and competitive, we regret that we can not accept returns for other reasons than manufacturer defect or shipping damage. This is because all material is cut to order specifically for you.

If you receive a fabric that is defective, please email us or call us at 800-497-8042. We will issue a call ticket for the defective item and promptly ship out the replacement fabric. If stock is not available, you also have the option of getting a full refund.