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How to care for upholstery fabrics

Upholstered furniture is an expensive investment.  Often, the cost of re-upholstering cost the same as buying a new piece.  To make your upholstered furniture last longer, follow the tips below:

1) Keep your furniture away from the sun.  Sun is deadly for fabrics.  It makes it fades faster, and it destroys delicate fabrics such as silk.

2) Vacuum your pieces regularly.  By vacuuming frequently, you'll prevent dust from accumulating and destroying the fibers of the fabrics.

3) Choose your fabric wisely.  Think about the amount of expected usage and the strength of the fabric. If you have a piece that you will be using frequently, such as a family room sofa, pick a fabric that is durable and easy to clean such as chenille or wool.  Save delicate fabrics for pieces that are not used often. 

4) Take care of stains/spills immediately.  Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.  In most cases, blot the stain (never rubs) with a damp cloth immediately after a spill will prevent the stain from becoming permanent.  Heavy stains/soils are best treated by professionals.